Choosing the best fence for your pets and for yourself can be a difficult decision as every fence has its advantages and disadvantages. We will sort through them here to aid in your decision.

“Invisible Fence”

This is a system whereby a wire is shallow-buried around the perimeter of the desired area. A transmitter situated in your garage/house sends a radio signal through the wire which is picked up by a receiver collar worn by your pet. The collar emits a warning sound and then a mild, programmable static correction to your pet as it nears the perimeter wire. With guided training your pet learns its boundaries.

Tip: Buy the brand name Invisible Fence from an authorized dealer and have them install it. The less expensive DIY kits are made of lighter gauge wire which easily breaks. Other parts may not be as good quality. The warranty is also better from a dealer. The dealer/installer can go through/under concrete or asphalt and other difficult areas and will have great advice concerning placement.

Disclaimer: We are not a dealer for Invisible Fence; just an advocate for a good product in the right circumstances


  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Can add as many pets as you like simply by giving them collars
  • You can easily designate what parts of your property the pet uses or doesn’t
  • Your yard is free of any visual obstructions
  • Virtually maintenance free aside from collar batteries


  • Does not keep other animals or people off your property
  • Forgetting to change the collar batteries every 3 months as recommended can have undesired escapes
  • Does not prevent annoying barking when your dog sees something/someone

Chain Link Fence


  • Fairly economical
  • Keeps other pets and people from wandering onto your property
  • Using black vinyl chain link allows blending in with vegetation and shadows, making it less conspicuous
  • Chain link of 5′ height keeps pets contained and meets pool code regulations


  • Dogs will see and bark at passing pets and people
    Wood Fence

Wood Fence


  • Dogs will not bark at what they cannot see
  • Meets pool code if 5′ in height
  • Most attractive alternative
  • Provides privacy


  • Most expensive (double that of chain link)
  • Blocks potentially nice views

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