Many property owners who don’t necessarily need a fence wonder if it will increase the sale price of their home if they have a fence installed. Or, those who need one, if they can recoup the cost if they ever sell.

There are as many answers as there are homes. Every situation is different. The simple answer is, that your value will be increased. The large realtor Century 21, on their website, suggest adding a fence to improve your property’s saleability. You should be able to recoup all your cost if you sell, or better. Buyers, with pets and small children, will always be attracted to properties with a fence for peace of mind and privacy. If you are selling in an upscale neighbourhood where your neighbours have ornamental fence, then your investment will return you more than the cost, exponentially.

A few exceptions, to the rule of increased value, are if:

  • none of your neighbours have fences
  • you install a chain link fence in a neighbourhood filled with ornamental
  • if your existing fence is nearing the end of its life cycle
  • you have a “great wall of China” surrounding your backyard
  • you plunk chain link in your front yard

So, when you install your fence, remember to match it to your neighbourhood and keep it well maintained, ensuring that you come out ahead of your initial investment.

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