Winter is hard on chain link fences. You may have noticed that your fence has stood up well for years and then one spring it is sagged and torn from the top rail. The snow fall amounts dictate what will happen to your fence along with thaws and then freezing. The snow gathers in the fence and then wants to settle pulling the chain link with it. The problem is compounded when wet heavy snow freezes into the fence and then settles. There is no stopping it.

Repairs should be done before the next winter takes it down further. If the fence is not crumpled too badly at the bottom it can simply be pulled back up and retied. Should the fence look like an accordion then it is a better option to replace with new than put time or money into trying to reshape it. Stretched wire can not be returned to its original shape.

The best deterrent to snow damaged fence is to eliminate anything that may aid in collecting snow along the fence line such as vines, shrubs or backyard furniture. Extra ties on top rail and post in problem areas will add more staying power.

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